Landscape Elements

of the Berici Hills

In the heavily cultivated countryside, from the broad valleys in the very heart of Berici Hills, down to the monotonous plain that borders with the provinces of Padua and Verona, where nothing but uniformly outlined plots of land can be seen, the once typical Veneto landscape (hedges, rows of trees and vines) has disappeared.

Surviving ditches and drains are the only habitats that harbour some remains of biological diversity. Here you can still find rare igrophile flora and other water-related life.

On the Hills wildlife and forests are triumphant, although people have made their presence conspicuous here as well. Terracings and cultivated plot are anyway scanty and in most cases surrounded by lush spontaneous forest, which has lately increased its diffusion by growing back on abandoned cultivated land.

If low- and mid-hills forest is rather sparse, it grows thicker as we get towards the top, and it undisputedly dominates the summit and the hills' steeper slopes; on the plateau, cultivated areas are rare and meagre. Forests are wild and thriving, although not as imposing as the secular beechwoods of yore.

The harsh, steep aspect of Eastern Berici slowly turns into round, sweet-sloping rises as we get south, towards Lonigo. All around, the red earth mixes with the green and yellow of changing seasons.

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